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The changing market for quality translation services

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The market for quality financial, legal and specialist translation and interpreting is becoming quite confusing for the new user to deceiver. As competition increases the choice is often unclear. This is mainly due to the advent of the internet, allowing anyone to ‘hang out a shingle’. Simply set up a ‘virtual office’ with a website and start a translation agency offering services.

This is naturally of concern to reputable and established firms as these firms can reflect poorly on the industry. 1st Translation Company is located in and serves the City and legal centres of London.  Establish in 1968 that makes 50 years of service – nice milestone. Over the years we have created a network of translators who we have the utmost confidence to produce the best translation work. In the office, our managers work with you to provide highly proficient and qualified translators.  There are over 200 languages that can be translated either into English or from English into the required language.  We can also call on our qualified and certified interpreters to come to your office or attend court hearings.

Specialist translation is our core competency

The value of using an agency is the quality if its network. We hire specialist translators who must have a minimum of 10 year’s experience. They work in their specialist area and only translate into their native tongue. This is not something you can put together overnight.


1st Translation Company - 50 years of service since 1968
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Working with us

It is recommended you review our translation checklist which outlines the questions we will ask you prior to engaging in any project.  However, if you prefer you can simply call us and arrange an initial free consultation and we will go through this with you. Our personal service is something that sets us apart from other practitioners.  We are centrally located so can arrange a meeting either at your office or here at 24 Holborn Viaduct.

How do we price our service?

We can provide you with an almost instant quote as our pricing formula is quite simple. We do ask that you provide us with some basic information, such as a sample of the work and roughly the word count for the project.  After that we calculate the price based on the required language for the job.  Our languages fall into a number of bands, based on the popularity or obscurity of the target language.  There is also a sliding scale or in fact substantial discounts available for large or regular contract work.

Established and proven resource

1st Translation Company has worked with hundreds of companies and law firms over the years. We are technical translators to the Central Criminal Court and the Royal Courts of JusticeTestimonials are available  as most of our work has come from referrals from existing clients.  It’s true there are many companies from which to choose. We know this as many of our colleagues have trained here at 1st Translation Company. They have then gone on to set up their own successful businesses. This is not an uncommon practice in many consultancy businesses including PR, advertising and marketing. Our concern is mainly with the companies with ‘virtual offices’ listed in London but operating elsewhere. We want you to feel confident in using us. Therefore, please contact us for a free no obligation consultation for your next translation or interpreting requirement.


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