1st Translation Company : City Translation Services

The Translation Checklist

Going through this checklist and listing your requirements before you contact us with your translation project can help save you time:

• Into which language, and variation of that language (such as Castilian Spanish), would you like the document to be translated?

• What is the purpose of the translation? For example, is it for information only or for publication or court use?

• Do you have specific terminology requirements, for example a house style or internal glossary?

• Who would you like us to contact, in case of queries?

• Do you have any specific layout requirements?

• Should tables and graphical material, if relevant, be incorporated into the text?

• In which format will you provide the document? For example, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel etc.

• In which format would you like us to provide the translation?

• Urgency: when do you need the translation to be delivered by?

• How do you want the translation to be delivered? For example, by email, courier or fax?

• Where shall we send the translation? Please provide full address and contact details.

• Does the translation require certification? Please check prior to ordering.

• Is the document confidential? We can enter into a confidentiality agreement upon your request